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Internet Business Agency

Internet Business Agency. Multilanguage Internet Business Development by Online Sales Percentage. e commerce Developments United States: California Techmart Center. 5201 Suite 320, Santa Clara, California, 95054
We provide  Internet Business Developments in Spanish , Internet Business Development in Portuguese and Internet Business Developments in English , Also We Provide eCommerce Developments in all European  languages, Mainly: eCommerce Developments in Spanish , eCommerce Developments in EnglisheCommerce Developments in PortugueseeCommerce Developments in GermaneCommerce Developments in FrencheCommerce Developments in italian
Internet Business Development in United States, Latin America and European Countries by Online Sales Percentage Multilanguage eCommerce Developments
As e-commerce Agency we transform ecommerce ideas and physical business in ecommerce businesses that sell . In our way of working we provide the technical part and manage all processes for the sales activation while the entrepreneur runs the real business,
Main difference between us and other e-commerce agencies, is that we first create the internet business and then the website, and other agencies first create the website and then try to sell
Really Achieve success in a new ecommerce business requires a 50% of Internet Skills to get a proper ecommerce business development, and the another 50% has to be a proper ecommerce business management.
Our team consists of more than 100 professionals, the best specialists in each of the technical processes required to create an online business,  all of us have created our own businesess, and participated in many others during the last 15 years. so we know what to do and when to do it, to set up an internet business .
We launched this company to meet a great objective, develop the Online businesses of Local Companies and Manufacturers as the Internet partners
We really try to be simple in the operation of our business, and used this simplicity to develop each new project, each new alliance, always looking for a long term relationship with each Entrepreneur.
We work in a very clear way. Showing from first time how we work and what we want to get from, and we want to get the same of each new Partner
In order to find the best ecommerce projects we Have Created and we continue to create a Network of eCommerce Agencies, Local offices worldwide to provide in a effective way our eCommerce programs.
1- Internet Investments: We Invest economic and Technical resources over own online business creation and Online Business Creation for other entrepreneurs.
2- eCommerce ConsultingWe fully develop internet business of entrepreneurs and local businesses, covering all creation and development costs,  for a percentage of the internet sales by an agreed time. 
To seal each alliance we need :
a- Initial Fee in order to sealing an agreement ( usually 10% of the total project cost)
b- An agreed period of collaboration ( 60 months)
c- % monthly sales by agreed time
We will make your ecommerce sell on internet, and this will mean we make money. working on a flexible and advantageous way for the entrepreneur
3-Online Business Consultants: We manage the Internet business development for companies that looking to create online business and adapt your company to this new business. We providing our expertise to adapt the people and processes of the company to new business , normally leading a team that is already part of the company and Adapting the Internet operations of the company processes.
4-eCommerce Dropshipping Services: We Build and Develop drop shipping websites, in partnership with Manufacturers and Local Business want to take their physical business also in internet  .
eCommerce DropShipping Services: We build the Internet business of Manufacturers and Local Companies taking charge the creation, development and full manage of the technical processes required to enable the internet sales,  and teach a team within the company to manage the processes related to customer attention, payments and logistics in a simple and effective agreement.
To let us participate in your project we will cover all the cost of creation or edition -insertion and full development of your ecommerce Business, also full ecommerce business maintenance during the agreed period
In short you’ll manage the real business, while we take care of the technical work on internet . And when the project start to generate sales we will receive a percentage of sales as your INTERNET PARTNERS during agreed time to recover our investment and of course to earn money.
To seal each alliance we need :
a- initial payment in order to seal and agreement ( usually 10% of the total project cost)
b- An agreed period of collaboration ( usually 60 months)
c- Monthly % of Internet sales
We will make your ecommerce sell on internet, and this will mean we make money. working on a flexible and advantageous way for the entrepreneur
If you want to promote your internet business or your knowledge and experience about the e-commerce World. We Publish Original and Quality Information about e-commerce and Internet Business through our Wordwide Network of Blogs.
  • Blog Contributions in English
  • Blog Contributions in Spanish
  • Blog Contributions in Portuguese
  • Blog Contributions in French
  • Blog Contributions in Italian
  • Blog Contributions in German
Our Network of Blogs have a strong presence in the U.S. , Canada, Latin America, Brazil and European Countries. Mainly United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal .
We are focused on creating quality content on our blogs, If you are interesting in use our Blogs to post about eCommerce Thematic. You are Welcome
Each post published has a cost of 10 euro (one off) to ensure the quality of publications and without expiration data , also if you need Writting and Translation services (seo optimized) in any of the languages listed above the price will be 50 euro for each post created and publised By your Blogger Name
This is clearly our Work system, Currently we are developing e-commerce Business by Online sales percentage in 8 countries and growing if you fit with our work philosophy and want to boost or create your internet business in partnership with us let us know you want to collaborate