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ECINCORP EUROPE . eCommerce Expertise In Europe, United States and Latin America for a Percentage of your Online Sales Percentage

We offer multilingual e-commerce development expertise. Our geographic scope encompasses the United States, Canada, Latin America and the European Countries.

ECINCORP is an eCommerce Investments Corporation Located in Europe, United States and Latin America. We manage a global network of agencies developing e-commerce solutions to different businesses in partnership with entrepreneurs and local companies that want to go online in a sustainable and profitable way.

We are not a venture capital firm. We are an experienced team of e-commerce developers that invest economic and technical resources to develop e-commerce projects for entrepreneurs as the INTERNET PARTNERS financed mainly by a percentage of total online sales.

In today´s world the online business strategy development phase has become crucial for every business who wants to grow and even survive, so the choice of a professional ecommerce developer that handles all Internet business processes can mean the difference between success and failure in your business.

According to our experience, the internet sales activation process is not really the main problem. The main question is to create a sustainable and lasting business model on the Internet. For this reason it is so important to developing a long-term e-commerce business, using a well-crafted and perfectly implemented business plan.

After 15 years of creating and managing tailored-made e-commerce platforms, we clearly know the path to follow to achieve success in an online project. The first thing is to create a vision and then adapt each idea to electronic commerce instead of trying to adapt the e-commerce to our idea or the company´s business processes.

Internet businesses are made in a particular way. Keep in mind that Internet businesses take into account a very important point: Between the seller and the buyer exist a series of intermediaries who are the search engines and the social platforms, so in order to develop a successful online business strategy and its business plan we have to integrate the search engines and the social networks as a factor of paramount importance, and, in other words, to achieve success we have to adapt our project to the operation of the leading search engines.

For this reason, we have created a structured system to develop businesses that operate on the Internet. Our system is a set of rules and processes that we have used over and over again in the last years, and that the end result gave us a lasting and sustainable internet business expertise.

Our e-commerce development system is made up of 5 steps:

1. Build an Online Business Plan:

Before creating an online business scheme, we have to know certain parameters, such as the sales volume we need in order to meet our needs, and if the business niche we’ve chosen allows this projected sales volume.

In this respect, we have to know clearly the economic goals and timelines of the business. This is really a key requirement before starting to invest money.

One of the main questions is: What online turnover do we need to obtain a sustainable project?

To obtain this information, we have to analyze real data, for example, data from what is called competitors´ analysis. In this sense, we need to analyze the companies that already sell online products and services in the same niche you are.

We need to assess your competitors´ online presence, position, strengths, weaknesses, main keywords, web-based commercial behaviour, searches volume and sales data of the last 5 years.

This information will help us prepare a rigorous economic plan based on actual data from at least five companies that have already done what we want to do.

The end result is an Online Business Plan, with the economic prospects of our project and timelines. And then, what we have to do “technically” to get it.

To obtain this information our team of e-commerce business analysts will make the following processes:

  • Internet Business Niche Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Domain Research
  • Target Audience Research
  • Social media Research
  • Competition Analysis with sales information
  • Complete Online Business Plan

2. Localize a Niche Business:

Internet sales are directly related to traffic, that is the number of visits of customers interested in our products, therefore we have to find our online target audience.

How to find our target audience on the Internet?

The business plan informs us about the online habits of our target audience, e-commerce habits, social networks and finally, the words or main keywords used in Google and other search engines to locate the products and services that we offer.

All this information really gives us a competitive advantage and a clear set of criteria to build up our business strategy on the internet.

This first data segmentation will provide in future phases new keywords, so new niches and new business opportunities will surely emerge. We work with this aspect in mind as it´s the main focus once we got the first goal.

3. Catalogue of Products and Services:

In this step, we build a competitive products and services catalogue in comparison with what the competition is offering. The key elements to factor in are mainly pricing, mode and time of delivery and services related to the sale. In this sense, everything we do to improve the offer will help us achieve the commercial objectives of the business plan.

The information obtained in the first analysis really provides us a competitive advantage. At this point, we go very fast in the development of the online project because we know where to go and we have already located the target audience, the keywords used to search our products and the most effective distribution channels.

We will make sure that our product catalogue will have great weight of these keywords, know the prices and shipping costs, the usability pattern used by the other websites, and other characteristics of the market.

4. Website Creation adapted to the target audience:

In this step, we will create a website with strong content keywords, supported with a design according to the online purchase habits of our target audience, as well as with pages in the social media used by our potential customers.

We will also create a group of webs 2.0 and blogs around the main site (e-commerce sites), to enhance organic positioning and neutral branding.

Our e-commerce development team will use the more advantageous platform depending on the type of project, mainly WordPress and Magento, but will be open to all platforms (Zencart, Joomla, Prestashop) looking for open source.

The tasks of our e-commerce development team are:

  • Web Design
  • Online Catalogue Creation
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Social Media Creation
  • Web 2.0 Creation
  • Websites Content
  • Data introduction
  • Payment and shipping systems
  • Server Maintenance
  • Website Maintenance, Webmaster

5. Google SEO Strategy:

To make a sustainable and long distance online business is absolutely necessary to have made the above-mentioned processes, because the only way to get a sustainable project is to find the natural positioning. The natural, or organic, position is the goal to be achieved.

Once we got this stage of the online project, we have rigorously to complement the 4 previous points so that to start working safely with the search engine optimization (SEO) and branding aspects of the plan.

To get now the natural positioning with our list of keywords, we have to meet three requirements:

a – Create new quality content.

b – Get external quality links to our content (backlinks).

c – Share our business in social networks.

In order to manage this enormous work, we assign to each project 3-5 specialists working continuously on the development of positioning to meet the online business plan.  The tasks and processes are as follows:

SEO and Branding specialist, looking for SEO Onpage and SEO Offpage.

Seo Processes:

  • Organic Position Plan
  • SEO ON
  • Quality Link Building
  • Natural and Organic Positioning
  • Press Releases
  • Bookmarks
  • Blog Mentions
  • Social Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Branding

E-Commerce Advertising specialist

Advertising Processes:

  • E-commerce Advertising plan
  • Adwords Advertising
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Twitter Advertising
  • Google plus Advertising
  • Linkedin Advertising
  • Affiliate Expert and Blogger Specialists, writer contributors
  • Affiliate Traffic and Blogger processes

  • Affiliate strategy creation for the ecommerce project. We normally use a network of blogs created around of each new ecommerce business to promote the brand, products and display positive messages about the project from a neutral way. This group of blogs can provide a source of revenues through Affiliates.
  • Affiliate publishers management
  • Affiliate advertisers management
  • Affiliate Platform management
  • Posts Creation
  • Blog Mentions
  • SEO writing

Following these rules and complementing the processes in a few weeks we will start to be visited by our target audience. Traffic will grow over the weeks, and in a few weeks we will begin to create sales opportunities (telephone inquiries, email inquiries and queries in social media, etc.), the sum of all this will be the start of sales between 6-12 months.

We have handled and continuously developed these processes for years and to solve these 5 points and processes we have created a control system designed for an effective development of an Internet Business.

We launched ECINCORP to meet a clear objective. Develop the Internet Business for Entrepreneurs who want to take their Physical Business also on the Internet fast and error-free. We deem that the achievement of success in a new e-commerce online business requires a 50% of Internet business skills to get a proper e-commerce business development, and the another 50% has to be a proper business management (Customer attention, payments, logistics, etc.).  So we are always open to receive new ecommerce projects to develop in partnership with entrepreneurs.

In order to adapt Our Business system to the largest number of businesses and needs, we have developed 4 business ways

1. ECommerce Investments Program:
eCommerce Investments Program to CREATE and fully DEVELOP the Business on Internet of Local Companies Worldwide want to Have Their Physical Business system also Online.
Through our E-commerce Investments Programme we create and fully develop the business strategy on the Internet for companies worldwide that have decided to explore and implement an online platform, alongside their current physical business system.

2. ECommerce Consulting Program
eCommerce Consulting Program to BOOST AND DEVELOP eCommerce Business already Running but with Conversion Problems. eCommerce Development Expertise by Online Sales Percentage
Through our eCommerce Consulting program we offer consulting services geared to revamp the business strategy on the Internet for companies worldwide that have decided to redesign or modify an online platform, alongside their current physical business system.
 We take care of the management of the full cycle of redesign, research, development and maintenance of each project. Also, we fully handle all the details needed to make sure the entire Internet sales activation processes run properly, while the entrepreneurs focus on the management of their business. We take responsibility to carry out a successful Internet strategy as a new way of expanding the reach of the business model for the client company, so that to ensure the proper charging, billing, and shipping of the products to customers, in-bound and out-bound logistics, as well as customer support and feedback.
3. ECommerce Consultants:
Multilingual eCommerce Consultants Driving the eCommerce Development over Companies want to have their Physical Business on Internet and also adapt Their Company to the New Business.
We adapt Physical Business systems to eCommerce . Creating, adapting and Developing the Internet Business of Local Companies Want to Have Their Physical Business also Online.

4. ECommerce Drop Shipping Services:
eCommerce DropShipping Program to CREATE and fully DEVELOP the Business on Internet of Manufacturers and Wholesalers Worldwide by a eCommerce DropShipping Agreement
We CREATE and fully DEVELOP the Business on Internet of Local Companies worldwide want to Have Their Physical Business system also Online, taking care of the investment and management for full Creation , Development and Maintenance of each project. and we fully handle all processes for the Internet sales activation while the Entrepreneurs have to take the management of the business has to that is generated on the Internet as a New Way of Business within the Company Shipping the Products to Customers, runs with the Logistics and and customer attention.
This is clearly our work system. Now if you fit with our work philosophy and want to boost or create your online business in partnership with us let us know you want to get our services.