Monday, July 22, 2013

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We Develop the ecommerce business of entrepreneurs and Companies working as ” the internet partners” and getting a percentage of sales as payment for the Online Business Development services
The eCommerce or e-commerce (Electronic Commerce or Internet Commerce) has become crucial for every business who wants to grow, and Choosing a capable ecommerce developer that handles all Internet business processes can mean the difference between success and failure in your business.
On the other hand should be only one Internet agency which handles all processes for the Internet Business Creation, this is the line to go the way of success, because on this way will follow an orderly plan and will take advantage of all the synergies,
Today and according to our experience, the internet sales activation really is not the mainly problem , The main question is to Create a Sustainable Online Business. For that reason it is so important to developing a long-term Online Business, using a business plan perfectly controlled.
Developing an Internet Business has become crucial for any company looking to grow or even survive.
At present, the activation of Internet sales is not the main problem in the development of an Internet Business, the main issue is to create an internet business that is sustainable and long lasting.
After 10 years of creating online business, we have clear what line to follow to achieve success in an online project.
Whenever we start to develop a new project, try our partner understands and assumes the actual operation of e-commerce, since all enterprise systems and business ideas take place online, but have to be created taking into account the operation of ecommerce .
You really need to tailor each business idea to e-commerce, e-commerce is not our project.
To adapt each idea of ​​e-commerce business we have created a comprehensive and structured to develop Internet businesses operating in a sustainable and mainly consisting of five variables and a series of processes required to complete each variable:
1 – Economic Plan and business plan:
Before creating our internet business, we have to know that sales volume we need and if the niche business we’ve chosen this volume sales allowed. We have to know clearly what economic goals to achieve and timelines. We must have this answer before you begin to invest money
That turnover need to obtain a sustainable project?
To see if we can get our economic goals are to work with real data and real data for as quickly and effectively is to analyze the competition.
Look at all those companies that are already selling online products and services we also want to sell and we will analyze your online and lifeline of the last five years in online sales.
We obtain this information using analysis software, but you can also hire consultants to prepare a report containing this information.
This information will allow us to prepare a rigorous economic plan based on actual data from at least five companies that have already done what we want to do.
The end result is a business plan and a business plan, which very clearly tell us what are the economic prospects of our project and in that time. Also we have to do “technically” to get it.
Data from the two previous reports, we also provide technical data on keywords and search volumes, positioning etc …, which will serve to develop processes that are needed in the following
Factor 1- Business Plan Creation and Niche Research
Factor 1 -Processes:
Internet Business Niche Research
Keyword Research
Domain Research
Target Audience Research
Competition Analytics
Online Business Plan
2-Finding a Niche Business:
Internet sales are directly related to traffic or visits of customers interested in our products, therefore we have to find where our target audience online.
How to find our target audience on the Internet?
The economic and related business plan, has already told us what the navigational habits of our target audience, their online buying habits, utilizing social networks and finally, that words or keywords used google and other engines search to locate the products and services we offer
All data added together give us a competitive advantage and a clear criterion to build our business on the internet. Just use that data to find our target audience and draw you into us.
Traffic that will be generated in this first segmentation, we will in future phases new keywords, so new niches and new business opportunities.
One of the commonalities between Internet businesses who achieve great success, is that your business plan is never closed, traffic is always studying, analyzing new search criteria, new business niches and new business opportunities.
We work with this part very present, and is the main focus once we got the first goal.
3-Catalogue of Products and Services:
We will build a catalog of products and services competitive with that offered by our competition, pricing, delivery and services related to the sale.
Everything we do to improve competitive offer before we will achieve the objectives
If our products or services already offered on the internet because we sell our first competition?
It can be based sales strategy there is room for “one more” in the niche business, but it is not recommended. We have to start our business by improving the existing supply.
The data we already have our niche business and we provide competitive advantage that we have located the target audience, the keywords they use to search our products and services and the most effective channels.
We therefore build our catalog of products and services using the key words used by our customers with competitive prices and improving services related to the sale.
Building will complement the range of products and services, with the following variables, the number 4 and number 5.
We will create a website with strong content keywords, supported with a website designed according to the tastes of our target audience and a purchasing process already know the client. Finally work on seo and organic positioning of keywords used by our target audience, which have strong presence in the product catalog and the general content of the website, looking for achieving natural position, no payment positioning.
4-Creating a Web Page adapted to the target audience:
Let’s make a website effective, and particularized to the habits and customs of our target customer. Will weigh heavily on the words or keywords and located in the analyzes of the first point and will be supported with social media presence using our potential customer.
Go from least to most in the development of the website is the best idea
We will create the website with simpler platform taking into account the number of products and services and seek simplicity in everything surrounding the design, technical architecture, development, content etc …
In a second step we will optimize and supplemented-complicating the sales platform according to our needs, but it is very good idea from simplicity.
Web Design
Online Catalog Creation
Webmaster Tools
ecommerce Branding
Social Media creation
Fan Pages manage
Community Manager
Websites Content
Banners & Headers
Landing Pages
Online Translations
5-Google SEO Strategy:
To make our project sustainable online business and long distance. It is absolutely necessary that we find effectively developed the above, so our natural position in the search engines is just a matter of time
The natural position is the goal to be achieved,
Once we got to this stage, and after we found rigorously complemented the 4 previous starts work positioning and branding of our business, a job that always accompany us in the development of the business.
To increase the weight of the positioning of our keywords – links, we have to use the general rules of google and focus primarily on three works:
1 – Create New content quality
2 – Get external links to our content
3 – Find spreading our business in social networks
Quality Link Building
Natural Positioning
Organic Positioning
Press Releases on internet
Blog Mentions
Social Marketing
Adwords Advertising
Facebook Advertising
Twitter Advertising
Google plus Advertising
Linkedin Advertising
Affiliate Traffic
Online Marketing
Video Marketing
Social Marketing
Social Branding
Following these rules, in a few weeks we will begin to be visited by our target audience. This visitor traffic slowly growing anger, and in a few weeks we will begin to create sales opportunities (telephone inquiries, email inquiries and queries in google plus facebook etc, ..), the sum of all this will be the start of sales over a period of time ranging on average between 6-12 months.
Traffic that will be generated in this first segmentation, we will in future phases new keywords, so new niches and new business opportunities.
One of the commonalities between Internet businesses who achieve great success, is that your business plan is never closed, traffic is always studying, analyzing new search criteria, new business niches and new business opportunities.
We work with this part very present, and again and again apply the system to expand the business.
We have handled and continuously developed these processes for years and to solve these 5 points or processes we have created a proprietary system and adapted to our experience, designed for effective and controlled development of an Internet Business.
Our system is called IMM, and actually is a process manager that enables the development of an internet business in an orderly and controlled to achieve online business goals faster, without errors and sustainably over time
Our experience has shown that the technical processes required to develop these five points are to be made in a timely manner according to the rules of Google and other search engines as this will allow us to reach a natural position quickly and lasting therefore get targeted traffic and visits, and finally inevitably begin to sell our products and services continuously.
We are an agency looking for eCommerce eCommerce solid projects to develop virtual society with each entrepreneur to bring our knowledge, experience, and the complete management of technical processes, while the entrepreneur brings the project and business management
We really try to be simple in the operation of our business, and we use this simplicity to develop each new project, every new alliance, always in search of a long-term relationship with each entrepreneur and each project
Our system is based on the philosophy of work as “internet partner” of every entrepreneur and every project is composed of three variants or programs:
1 – Investment in Electronic Commerce: We invest financial resources and technical resources in e-commerce companies with solid business and expansion.
We seek a stake in the Internet company and manage the technical processes of the business.
2 – eCommerce Consulting: We build and develop the internet business Entrepreneurs and Local Businesses, completely covering all costs and development work.
entrepreneurs help take your project to the internet, using our experience and dedicating a team of specialists to design-build-insert and develop your online project, looking for the Creation of a sustainable online business, profitable and long lasting.
We apply our philosophy of working again, we will take care to completely cover the development costs in exchange for a percentage of sales on the Internet.
To seal each partnership we put three conditions:
1 – initial security payment which will be returned at the end of the collaboration
2 – A collaborative minimum time to recover our investment and obviously for profitability in our work
3 – A percentage of sales during collaboration time agreed
3 – eCommerce Consultants: We participate in the creation and development of online business for companies looking to take their business to the Internet, encargandonos to adapt their business structure and processes to new business. Normally we structure and form a team that is already part of the company to create, develop and manage new processes that will be needed for ecommerce.
We get a fixed monthly payment + bonus obtaining goals.
Currently our ecommerce Agency Network is already present in 8 countries and managing many projects with our philosophy
This is clearly our Work system, if you fit with our work philosophy and want to boost or create your internet business in partnership with us let us know you want to collaborate.