Saturday, July 20, 2013

Our Team are Led by Luis Souto

Internet Investments Program over small and medium eCommerce projects want to Expand or Boost their current Online business.
If you want to export your Online Business system to another country, or expand your current business online, let us help you, we are going to Invest our money and our technical resources in your company, taking the Online Business development cost, and technical management, for a share of the company and a monthly percentage of Online sales
As experienced professionals in eCommerce we can offer you the eCommerce skills necessary to develop your online business. We can give you the competitive advantage with our experience and knowledge.
We really try to be simple in the operation of our business, and used this simplicity to develop each new project, each new alliance, always looking for a long term relationship with each Entrepreneur.
We work in a very clear way. Showing from first time how we work and what we want to get from and we want to get the same of each new Partner
Our goal from the beginning has been to help entrepreneurs to take their business to the Internet, fast and error-free becoming in their Internet Business Partner. Internet Investments company helping eCommerce companies providing investment and online business development expertise,
Our Team are Led by Luis Souto:
Luis Souto eCommerce Specialist. eCommerce Developer from 2001. Ceo at eCommerce Investments PLC
From 2001 I am dedicated to manage and optimize my own Online businesess, and the Internet Business for large Corporations. I created Businesses that sell online in 14 countries  and develop an online franchise with 50 partners worldwide,
I have the experience and knowledge to creating effective ecommerce. My experience comes from my own mistakes and sucess in the development of my Online Businesess and many other projects that I have participated from 2010.
After nine years managing my business on Internet,  From 2010 I decided to start a new stage in my Career as a ecommerce Specialist to offer expertise and Investment on the Internet Business development for Entrepreneurs and Local Business as their Internet business Partner, getting a online sales percentage for fully manage the internet technical processes while the owner runs the real business
From 2012 i decided to create eCommerce Investments PLC, a Global network of eCommerce Agencies to expand my way of working worldwide and develop the best Business on internet in each market niche.
eCommerce Investments PLC, provides Investment and a eCommerce Developers Team That works as an eCommerce Agency and fully manage the internet technical procesess , while the owner manage the real business.
We really try to be simple in the operation of our business, and used this simplicity to develop each new project, each new alliance, always looking for a long term relationship with each Entrepreneur.
We work in a very clear way. Showing from first time how we work and what we want to get from, and we want to get the same of each new Partner
To Develop each new ecommerce project we use five main lines of work:
1- ecommerce investment: We Invest economic and Technical resources over Internet businesses with solid ecommerce and expansion process,  looking for a share of the company and online sales percentage
2- ecommerce Consulting: We fully develop internet business of entrepreneurs and local businesses, covering all creation and development costs for a percentage of the internet sales by an agreed time. Looking for a Online Sales percentage
3-Online Business Consultants: We manage the Internet business development for companies that looking to create online business and adapt your company to this new business. We providing our expertise to adapt the people and processes of the company to new business , normally leading a team that is already part of the company.  Adapting the Internet operations of the company processes. looking for a fixed monthly payment + bonus for goals
4-eCommerce DropShipping Services: We build and develop the Online business of Manufacturers and Local Business for Online sales Percentage. Working in a  Dropshipping way  .
we manage the internet sales generation and the company team will be responsible for customer attention, payments and logistics in a simple and effective agreement.
We cover all the cost of creation -edition-insertion and full development of each internet Business handle all technical processes on the Internet , while the company team handle the real business . And when the project start to generate sales we will receive a percentage of sales during agreed time to recover our investment and of course to earn money.
To seal each alliance we need a initial security payment and an agreed period of collaboration, thats all!
5- eCommerce for Online Sales Percentage 
We will create new sources of segmented traffic and visits with purchase intention to your website, by our eCommerce For Online Sales Percentage business system
Our system consists of two processes:
1- Build a parallel Online Presence:
We will build a Online business system parallel to your current internet business and that through neutral promotion of your brand and products generate lots of quality traffic
We analyze the online habits of your target audience , and we will create presence of your Brand and products in social networking sites, blogs and news websites that your target audience uses in their daily use of Internet
We will create a quality reputation coinciding with what your customer wants to find, the result of our work will bring mainly four benefits to your business:
a- Best Online Reputation
b- The best quality Links to your site
c- increase natural positioning
d- increase traffic and sales
The cost of the first process is 460 euro or 600 usd one off, for each Country
2-eCommerce Affiliation program
Once created platforms and mini sites or blogs, to multiply the presence of your brand and products on internet , must maintain and enhance the positioning of these sites using the keywords used by the target audience
we will take care of the whole process, and take the cost of our work getting a commission on your sales. and do this using an affiliate program with a monitoring software that records visits from the new sites to your online store and recording purchases and their amounts
you will have a control panel to always know the status of the visits and the number of sales that our system has provided
Currently my network of ecommerce agencies are developing projects with our five ecommerce programs in 8 countries and growing
This is clearly our Work system, if you fit with our work philosophy and want to boost or create your internet business in partnership with us let us know you want to collaborate