Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Vender por Internet.net

Vender por Internet.net  eCommerce Agency for Latin America, We provide eCommerce Developments for Latín America Countries and Also for European countries, Mainly: eCommerce Developments in Spanish , eCommerce Developments in EnglisheCommerce Developments in PortugueseeCommerce Developments in GermaneCommerce Developments in FrencheCommerce Developments in italian
As a eCommerce Agency we transform e-commerce ideas in e-commerce businesses that sell .  And we got it because we managing completely the e-commerce business processes using our large experience
Main difference between us and other e-commerce agencies, is that we first create the internet business and then the website, and other agencies first create the website and then try to sell
Really Achieve success in a new ecommerce business requires a 50% of Internet Skills to get a proper ecommerce business development, and the another 50% has to be a proper ecommerce business management.
Our team consists of more than 100 professionals, the best specialists in each of the technical processes required to create an online business,  all of us have created our own businesess, and participated in many others during the last 15 years. so we know what to do and when to do it, to set up an internet business .
We launched this company to meet a great objective, develop the Online businesses of Local Companies and Manufacturers as the Internet partners
We really try to be simple in the operation of our business, and used this simplicity to develop each new project, each new alliance, always looking for a long term relationship with each Entrepreneur.
We work in a very clear way. Showing from first time how we work and what we want to get from, and we want to get the same of each new Partner
To Develop each new ecommerce project we use five main lines of work:
1- ecommerce investment: We Invest economic and Technical resources over Internet businesses with solid ecommerce and expansion process,
2- ecommerce Consulting: We fully develop internet business of entrepreneurs and local businesses, covering all creation and development costs for a percentage of the internet sales by an agreed time. 
3-Online Business Consultants: We manage the Internet business development for companies that looking to create online business and adapt your company to this new business. We providing our expertise to adapt the people and processes of the company to new business , normally leading a team that is already part of the company.  Adapting the Internet operations of the company processes.
4-eCommerce DropShipping Services: We build and develop the Online business of Manufacturers and Local Business for Online sales Percentage. Working in a  Dropshipping way  .
we manage the internet sales generation and the company team will be responsible for customer attention, payments and logistics in a simple and effective agreement.
We cover all the cost of creation -edition-insertion and full development of each internet Business handle all technical processes on the Internet , while the company team handle the real business . And when the project start to generate sales we will receive a percentage of sales during agreed time to recover our investment and of course to earn money.
5- eCommerce for Online Sales Percentage 
We Build a new and parallel Online Presence for online businesses that are already active. building a new and neutral image for the end Customer, getting new traffic segmented and a substantial position improvement in the client’s main website.
We will create new sources of segmented traffic and visits with purchase intention to your website, by our eCommerce For Online Sales Percentage business system
Our system consists of two processes:
a)- Build a parallel Online Presence:
We will build a Online business system parallel to your current internet business and that through neutral promotion of your brand and products generate lots of quality traffic
b)-eCommerce Affiliation program
Once created platforms and mini sites or blogs, sumary new online presence, and new sources of quality traffic  , must maintain and enhance the positioning of these sites using the keywords used by the target audience, by posts, press releases and social -viral expansion, we will take the cost of this processes getting a commission on your sales. and do this using an affiliate program with a monitoring software that records visits from the new sites to your online store and recording purchases and their amounts
This is clearly our Work system, Currently our network of e-commerce agencies are developing projects with our five ecommerce programs in 8 countries and growing if you fit with our work philosophy and want to boost or create your internet business in partnership with us let us know you want to collaborate