Saturday, January 18, 2014

Internet Investments Program

Internet Investments Program: We Invest Economic and Technical Resources To Develop own eCommerce business and the Online Business of other Entrepreneurs by Online Sales Percentage.
To seal each alliance we need :
1- initial payment in order to seal and agreement ( usually 20% of the total project cost)
2- An agreed period of collaboration ( usually 60 months)
3- Monthly % of sales
We will make your ecommerce sell on internet, and this will mean we make money. working on a flexible and advantageous way for the entrepreneur
eCommerce Investors and Online Business Experts providing Internet Business Generation by Online Sales Percentage. International eCommerce Developments, Management and Consulting – Online Business Development Expertise By Online Sales Percentage
We are Not a Venture Capital Company. We are a Experienced eCommerce Development Team that Invest Economic and Technical Resources to develop Own Online Business and the eCommerce projects of entrepreneurs in Partnership
Our work philosophy are based on the Business Generation on Internet, and although it may seem obvious, really is important to emphasize this point “ Internet Business Generation”  
Really there are big differences between a website creation to show the Online Image from a company and manage the activation of internet sales from a Internet project
Each of us in eCommerce Investments PLC, have had our share of success and failure in the last 15 years, and our experiences on both sides is what makes us Online Business Experts.
We really try to be simple in the operation of our business, and used this simplicity to develop each new project, each new alliance, always looking for a long term relationship with each Entrepreneur.
We work in a very clear way. Showing from first time how we work and what we want to get from and we want to get the same of each new Partner
Our team consists of more than 100 professionals, the best specialists in each of the technical processes required to create an online business,  all of us have created our own eCommerce business, and participated in many others during the last 15 years. so we know what to do and when to do it, to set up an internet business .
We launched eCommerce Investments PLC company to meet a clear objective. Develop the Internet Business of Entrepreneurs want to take their Physical Business also on the Internet fast and error-Free.
Achieve success in a new ecommerce online business requires a 50% of Internet business Skills to get a proper ecommerce business development, and the another 50% has to be a proper business management ( Customer attention, payments, logistic).  So we are always open to recibe new ecommerce projects to develop in partnership with entrepreneurs
Our Business ways are the following
1- Internet Investments: We Invest Economic and Technical Resources To Develop own eCommerce business and the Online Business of other Entrepreneurs by Online Sales Percentage.
2- eCommerce Consulting: Online Business Development Expertise by Online Sales Percentage 
3-Online Business Consultants: Online Business development over Companies want to have their Physical Business to the Internet and adapt the People and Processes into the Company to the new business line , normally leading a team that is already part of the company and Adapting the company processes the Internet sales
4-eCommerce DropShipping: We Build and Develop e-commerce drop shipping Business, in partnership with Manufacturers and Local Business want to take their physical business also in internet  .We build the Internet business of Manufacturers and Local Companies taking charge the creation, development and full manage of the technical processes required to enable the internet sales,  and teach a team within the company to manage the processes related to customer attention, payments and logistics in a simple and effective agreement.
5- Blog Contributions: If you want to promote your internet business or your knowledge and experience about the e-commerce World. We Publish Original and Quality Information about e-commerce and Internet Business through our Wordwide Network of Blogs.
  • Blog Contributions in English
  • Blog Contributions in Spanish
  • Blog Contributions in Portuguese
  • Blog Contributions in French
  • Blog Contributions in Italian
  • Blog Contributions in German
Our Network of Blogs have a strong presence in the U.S. , Canada, Latin America, Brazil and European Countries. Mainly United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal .
This is clearly our Work system, Currently we are developing e-commerce Business by Online sales percentage in 8 countries and growing if you fit with our work philosophy and want to boost or create your internet business in partnership with us let us know you want to collaborate