Monday, June 8, 2015

Argonautica Europe

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Argonautica Europe. We are Wholesalers of Marine and Boat Accessories supplying over 10.000 products Across Europe to Professionals and resellers on the Marine industry.

We Supply an extensive catalog of over 10,000 Boat parts from European Manufacturers offereing the most strict quality standards through ISO 9001: 2008
Our team is comprised of professionals with over 15 years of experience in the sector of Marine and Recreational Boating , committed to provide a top quality service to our distributors and thus meet their and their customers needs.
We strongly believe in transparent and long lasting relationships with our distributors and we are always open to new business opportunities.

Our Headquarters is located in the United Kingdom, and we have offices on Spain, France, Italy and Portugal.
Our Warehouse is in Italy from where we ship our products to anywhere in Europe within a maximum deadline of 7 days
In an effort to help our distributors to increase their Business, We have created the first eCommerce platform for the Marine and Boating Industry.
We Provide Ready to go Boat Online Stores with Supplies, Logistics and Complete Support under Franchise System to Professionals and Resellers on the Boating and Marine Industry
We are sure that the e-commerce is the fastest and most effective way to expand and diversify traditional businesses on the Boating so , we offer Online Chandlery Stores without set up cost and including our complete catalog with 8000 boat accessories at the Best prices,  Complete Support and logistic service with direct delivery to the final customer.
Do you have Boat Shop and also want to sell your products on the Internet? Are you a Marine Professional (Charter, Brokerage) and want to diversify your business?
Our offer is an Online Chandlery Shop which includes a careful selection of 8000 Boat Accessories at the best price in the market. We also offer Logistics Service with direct delivery to your customers, Maintenance and ongoing support and also Marketing and Positioning services for your business on the Internet.
Our Online Nautical Shops are ready to use and you can also Introduce and sell your own products on the online shop.
Please if you are interested in our offer and want to expand information , do no hestitate in contact.